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I am an anxious dental patient, so when I first met Doctor Stehle to discuss gum surgery, I was extremely nervous. He was very patient, taking his time to answer all of my questions and to explain in detail the procedure. Together, we decided that before surgery, I would take a medication to help me to relax and, also, use nitrous oxide while he was performing the soft tissue graft. I had no discomfort in surgery, nor did I have any problems with my recovery afterward. After nine days, I was eating normally and felt great. Doctor Stehle also made an occlusal guard for me to wear at night. For the first time in months, I have had no gum pain. Also, a front tooth that was loose from my habitual grinding is now tight and back in place, thus alleviating further discomfort. In my opinion, Doctor Stehle is an undisputed “ten” in terms of empathy, patience and, equally important, in terms of the high quality of his work as a periodontist. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I will need another skin graft in six months and can now approach this dental procedure with confidence, having already had such a positive previous experience.


Anne Shafmaster


I want to thank Doctor Stehle for my recent surgery. As I am sure you could tell, I have a hard time and a fair amount of anxiety when it comes to dental work, but you guys were great dealing with me. The whole procedure was pain free. I really appreciate everyone in the office taking time to thoroughly answer all my questions from insurance to gum health maintenance. I also appreciate your punctuality in keeping our appointment times. Excellence is in the details, and you guys are excellent. Thanks again,

Gregory E. Ackerman