Insurance Information – Periodontology Inc., Columbus & Grove City, OH

Our insurance coordinators have experience in working with many different insurance companies. Insurance benefits and coverage can be confusing for some patients. We will do our best to assist you with understanding your insurance coverage.

Procedures performed in our office are submitted to the patient’s dental insurance plan. Please be advised that most dental insurance policies have an annual maximum amount of allowed benefit.

Furthermore, most insurance plans cover only a percentage of the treatment we perform. We attempt to provide our patients with an accurate estimate of their covered benefits. As a courtesy, we will submit dental claims to your insurance company and work with you to understand your plan’s coverage and limitations.

To better assist us in processing your information, please keep our office informed of any changes to your insurance coverage.


The majority of dental plans cover approximately 30-80 percent of periodontal treatment fees up to the annual insurance maximum. Based upon your insurance benefits, we often expect an initial co-payment at the time of treatment.


We are not a Medicare provider as they do not cover any periodontal procedures.

Private & Group Insurance

As a courtesy to our patients with dental benefit plans, we will submit necessary claim forms, and other required information to your insurance company. You will need to provide all dental insurance information in order for us to submit.

The patient is responsible for the balance of fees not covered by insurance. In-house financing is available to assist our patients with their remaining balance.

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